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Finding the right candle can be an important choice for your home. Made exclusively for ROX, each fragrance has been formulated by an acclaimed Parisian perfumier to create luxury candles with the purest natural ingredients in the world. Each is hand poured and finished in Britain to ensure it is perfectly balanced and of the highest possible standard. Fill your home with an enticing aroma from ROX Luxe.

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ROX Luxe Story - ROX Candles

When we began the process of developing ROX Luxe, we wanted the candles to resemble a stunning piece of jewellery you’d see in one of our boutiques.

Each candle evokes the ROX experience and ethos to offer a sense of indulgence and luxury that can only come from something so exquisite.

The relationship between diamonds and candles is closer than you think. Both possess beauty and mystery in how they came to be thanks to the combustion of carbon. Diamonds are formed at a high temperature and pressure miles beneath the Earth’s surface and without this, a diamond is merely a stone. A flash of light and just the right amount of heat ignites a candle and releases it’s hidden developing scent.

Just like our diamonds, every ROX Luxe candle has it’s own identity, sparkle and personality.

Lime & Rhubarba
Rejuvenating and reviving, this candle is for early mornings and calming surroundings. Fresh lime, tart and fruity rhubarb and soothing patchouli combine to create a fragrance that is perfect for a spring or summer sunrise.

Champaca Rhum
We call this candle the party starter. It’s zingy, bubbling and thrilling and starts your Saturday night in just the right way. Floral Davana, unique Jasmine and spicy floral Cassie bring an unexpected hit of charm and excitement to Champaca Rhum making it the perfect scent for a night of celebration.

Orchidea is the perfect partner to a diamond. The ultimate, the one and only. The fresh, fruity heavenly smells of Bergamot flow perfectly into the velvety floral fragrance of Tuberose enhanced with the classic natural elements of Patchouli. Fill the air with love, honour and adoration with perfect Orchidea.