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Inspired by a 1950s brooch, our Tiki collection unIt's contemporary design and vintage style to celebrate natural beauty. Featuring the banana leaf, a symbol associated with Tiki culture, this collection makes a bold statement through impeccably crafted leaf earrings and rings as well as leaf pendants, bangles and bracelets.

The authentic satin texture of our Tiki pieces is created using the highly skilled Martel technique, in which designs are hammered and chiselled by hand before each detail is picked out in high polish by artisan jewellers. From silver pieces for everyday wear to showstopping gold pieces, brought to life by master italian goldsmith's, ROX Tiki is the ultimate combination of glamour and alluring style.

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  1. Tiki Diamond Drop Earrings 0.97cts only £123.54 per month 0% interest free credit
  2. ROX Tiki Double Wrap Ring 0.97cts only £123.54 per month 0% interest free credit
  3. ROX Tiki Yellow Gold Diamond Collar 2.24cts only £164.92 per month 0% interest free credit