18th October 2019

There’s something just so iconic about leather, isn’t there? Whether its trousers, coats or boots leather pieces always seem to find themselves enjoying another moment in the spotlight at some point or another. The trend made a real statement at AW19 catwalk shows both on and off the runway as Matrix-inspired leather trench coats and all black leather ensembles rekindled our love for all things 90s fashion.

ROX Diamond Collar 14.76cts £28,000 (71147), ROX Diamond Bracelet 10.76cts £21,000 (74129), ROX Baguette & Brilliant Diamond Ring 5.00cts £10,500 (71092), ROX Diamond Hoop Earrings 2.78cts £4,695 (71318), ROX Platinum Emerald Diamond Full Eternity Ring 4.30cts £19,950 (71407), ROX Adore Crisscut Trilogy Diamond Ring 2.16cts £19,950 (70176) , All Saints jacket, Zara leather trousers and heels.