9th October 2020

The ROX Star lifestyle, everyone wants it, very few can handle it but few will really ever truly experience it. As we approach party season we wanted to share our guide to how we can all be a little bit more ROX Star and help you embrace the party season in style.

Live Like a ROX Star


ROX stars don’t queue and they certainly don’t wait…for anything. Whether that’s a drink or the latest IT sneaker. That’s where lifestyle concierge services come in, becoming increasingly popular in the UK recently. Companies such as Limelight Access offer a discreet and very personalised VIP service designed for high net worth individuals and people in the world of sports and entertainment. Services offered include event planning, nightclub access, travel planning and personal shopping. The member’s only club ensures each client is offered five star service with the help of a dedicated PA who can attend to every request. After all it’s not what you know it’s who you know!

Live Like a ROX Star


When it comes to image ROX Stars always look the part and have a certain edge that everyone wants to emulate. It’s not just about wearing the latest trends or having the hottest items but more about walking into a room and owning it! In this image obsessed Insta-age carefully curating your look will help ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Most celebrities and musicians will work with a stylist and have designers on speed dial but accessing professional style advice has never been easier. Make friends with your sales associates at your favourite designer boutique (they tell you when all the good things arrive and if you are lucky will hold them for you!). Join store reward programmes and ask about special in-store events to ensure you are seeing key pieces before the masses.

Don’t forget many of your local boutiques and department stores will offer an experienced and complimentary VIP styling service to help you find that perfect party look. ROX offers a personal shopping service via WhatsApp – email us to get in touch with a ROX PS.

Live Like a ROX Star


Living your best ROX Star life is all about setting trends, not following them. It’s not about going to the hottest places, more about discovering them.

Whether that’s the latest London underground club that no one knows how to get in to and an uber exclusive well-being resort in the Utah dessert that the glitterati like to escape too. The more obscure, the more private and the more top secret the better.

When it comes to holidays nothing says cool like a hard to reach and even harder to pronounce destination. This year Mykonos is out and the Turkish Riviera is in. With hot hotels like the Ian Sharager’s all white Bodrum Edition or the brand new Six Senses hotel which has just opened in the resort town of Kaplankaya plus new developments popping up all over taking the scene up a level.

Live Like a ROX Star


The modern day ROX Star still likes to party but for them it’s more about detoxing than derailing. Partying hard is one thing, looking good while doing it is another and party prep is key. Upping your cardio, tracking your calories and living on green everything in the run up to an event will make you feel and look great but those who truly embrace the ROX Star lifestyle will always take it to the next level. Think residential cleanses to help banish toxins and find your inner zen, intermittent fasting to shed pounds, elimination diets and pumping as much goodness as you can into your body to ensure that you glow from the inside out.


ROX Star Look


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