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The new collection of Bremont Jaguar watches is dedicated to the road-going, lightweight Jaguar E-Type. When it launched in 1961, the E-Type was not only the fastest production car in the world but, according to Enzo Ferrari, it was also the most beautiful. Bremont Jaguar watches, including the Bremont Jaguar MKII, are just as visually pleasing. Bremont Jaguar watches are available at ROX Argyll Arcade.

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  1. Bremont E-Type Jaguar 60th Anniversary Watch E-TYPE-60TH-GR-SS-R-S only £214.42 per month 0% interest free credit
  2. Bremont E-Type Jaguar Anniversary Watch E-TYPE-60TH-GN-SS-R-S only £214.42 per month 0% interest free credit