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Hublot Watches

Creativity comes from the most curious of places. A sudden spark of genius can change the course of history, something that Hublot watches celebrate. Since it was founded in 1980 the forward-thinking brand has continually taken strides to master time and style with a savoir-faire of its very own – the Art of Fusion. Known for creating awe-inspiring timepieces with luxury and creativity at their very core, Hublot’s determination to ‘be the first, be unique and be different’ is ingrained in the brand’s DNA. Master craftsmen combine the past with the future, accommodating the latest in materials such as Magic and King Gold, carbon and ceramic, along with modern fabrications and techniques. Hublot never forgets its past, it simply refuses to be bound by it and it is this forward-thinking determination that has earned the brand a reputation for innovation and design prowess. Read More >

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Hublot Geneve

Hublot is known for being at the cutting edge of new design. In fact, it was the brand’s chairman Mr Biver who said: “Hublot’s main strength is our ability to innovate. A flair for thinking outside the box,” and the brand’s portfolio of watches is a testament to exactly that.

From the initial sketch of a product or movement to the creation of a working 3D model, every timepiece crafted by Hublot is brought to life with the tenacity and audacious spirit of the artisan designers and experts proud to continually rewrite horological history. Through a detailed process of trial and error, they make it their mission to create dynamic designs true to Hublot’s pioneering spirit. Speaking of the design process Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: “We are not trying to break with the past, we are in fact paying tribute to it by combining the past with the future. The strength of Hublot lies in its ability to innovate. A way of thinking that marches off the beaten track. At Hublot, we go straight to the consumer instead of waiting for the consumer to come to us.”

Hublot is proud to align itself with some of the world’s biggest events. This summer the brand will once again take on the role of official timekeeper of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, ensuring every minute of the remarkable tournament counts. In honour of the greatest show on earth, ROX has compiled a list of 90 Amazing Minutes of previous World Cup tournaments, celebrating the beautiful game in all of its glory and highlighting Hublot’s proud relationship with football.

From the iconic Hublot Big Bang and Big Bang Unico to the Hublot Classic Fusion, Hublot Ferrari and Hublot Spirit of Big Bang ranges, the brand never fails to lose sight of its art of fusion mantra. To discover more about Hublot, it’s manufacture and the diverse range of collections check out our buying guide.