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Your watch will require care and regular maintenance to ensure its accuracy and to protect its appearance. Each brand and model of watch has its own specific care guidelines and you should always refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual or warranty, provided with your watch.

- Have your watch checked and serviced regularly by a watch specialist. The manufacturer's instruction manual will tell you how often you should have your watch serviced. Generally, mechanical (manual and automatic) watches should be cleaned and serviced every three years or according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure trouble-free time keeping. Quartz (battery operated) watches should be serviced when the battery is replaced. A watch battery usually lasts between two and five years, depending on the type of watch.
- Avoid water damage to your watch. Check your watch's water resistance and adhere strictly to instructions in your manufacturer's instructions.
- Should water or condensation appear in your watch face, have it checked by a watch specialist at your nearest ROX store.
- Avoid leaving your watch in extreme temperatures. Generally, extreme heat can shorten the battery life of a quartz watch and extreme cold can cause your watch to gain or lose time.
- Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents and gases which may cause discolouration, deterioration and damage to your watch.
- Although most watches are, to a degree, shock resistant, do avoid extreme shock or impact to your watch.
- Avoid exposing your watch to strong electric fields and strong static electricity. Generally, electrical household appliances will not affect your watch.
- Watches, including their straps, are best cleaned by a watch specialist.

It is critical to stress that battery changes should only be undertaken by authorised service centres. During the battery replacement, the o-ring (gasket) must also be replaced and reattached to the back cover of the watch. Then the watch must be properly sealed and undergo a water resistance test. Most water resistance testing equipment will provide printed test results - ask to receive this readout.