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Oval Cut

ROX Oval Rings ROX Oval Rings


Exuding grace and elegance, oval engagement rings never fail to deliver a truly breathtaking proposal.


The glamour and sparkle of oval cut engagement rings 

Featuring 58 facets, the elongated shape is flattering on the finger, while oval cut diamonds often look larger than other cuts of a similar carat weight. For those seeking additional glamour, oval halo engagement rings are a fantastic choice.  

Not only do oval cut diamonds display tremendous levels of sparkle, the range of oval cut diamond engagement rings we offer at ROX also have a stunning level of detail to their bands and settings.  

The enduring charm of an oval engagement ring 

Since the late 1950s, oval  diamond engagement rings have provided a popular alternative to the round brilliant cut - offering similar levels of fire and brilliance whilst retaining a unique charm.  

That enduring charm is a feature that is present across our range, with a number of gorgeous oval cut engagement rings for you to choose from here at ROX. 


Find the perfect oval cut engagement ring for you 

From oval halo and solitaire engagement rings to vintage designs and colourful stones, our collection and bespoke service can offer something for everyone.  

Whether you’re looking for an oval engagement ring with gold band, an oval cut diamond in platinum, or any other option, we’re confident our collection will offer the perfect choice to embody your personal style. 


You can also contact us today to speak to us about finding the right oval cut ring for you or a loved one. All of our oval cut diamond engagement rings are available on 0% finance and with free UK delivery. 

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