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Often one of the most memorable purchases someone will make in their lifetime, a luxury watch is more than just an instrument of time – it captures life’s unforgettable moments.

Watch Servicing



At ROX we appreciate that time is of the essence. Not just in the romantic sense of paying homage to history but also in the practical day-to-day sense. We understand that the pace of life is ever increasing, making it ever harder to master time than ever before. That’s why we are delighted to offer watch servicing to all of our customers – to keep your timepiece ticking and allowing you to make the most of your most valuable commodity.

A watch service offers the opportunity to ensure your watch is running at its best at all times and allows watch experts to give your timepiece a thorough check - and it couldn’t be easier to arrange.

Our experts will clean and re-lubricate the movement to ensure that timekeeping is within normal tolerances and to prevent oils from drying out which can potentially damage the movement. Servicing also allows the seals and gaskets to be replaced if necessary to ensure that the watch remains water resistant as well as further detailed checks. It is recommended that you have your luxury watch serviced every three to five years, however, this can vary depending on the brand.

To discover more about the importance of watch servicing and to find out more about the services offered by your luxury watch brand, make an appointment with one of our watch consultants for further information.






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