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ROX Concierge

Will you marry me? Never has one question been quite as thrilling and terrifying in equal measure. Here at ROX we’re honoured to become part of your story and our diamond specialists are on hand to help plan the perfect proposal.

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Finding the Perfect Ring


The five basic rules that determine a diamond's value are known as the 5Cs. Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Certification are universal throughout the diamond world and we take them very seriously.

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Concierge Service

Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be a daunting prospect, however, we’re thrilled to offer a dedicated online concierge service to guide you through the process.

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Engagement Ring Facts

Ever wondered just what makes an engagement ring so special? We’ve complied everything you need to know in 100 glistening facts.

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Marry Me Guide

Finding the right engagement ring to capture your love story is made easy with our Marry Me guide.

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Engagement Hints

Planning to ask that all important question but still searching for the perfect ring? We offer a guide to make sure you don’t miss any potential hints from your partner.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design an engagement ring? At ROX, we can make this dream come true thanks to our despoke engagement ring design service. If you haven't found the ring you love in one of our boutiques, we can help you build an engagement ring from design through to creation to signify your love.

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Say yes to faultless beauty

As diamond engagement rings specialists we know a thing or two about spotting a truly beautiful diamond and are proud to design everlasting creations to celebrate your love.

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Book an appointment

To set up an in store consultation, please provide us your name and contact information. A sales professional will get in touch with you through your preferred contact method within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

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We carefully handpick each diamond for its superior cut, presence and above all beauty. The remarkable quality of our diamonds is behind everything we do and it's reflected in our DNA.

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If you’re buying something beautiful, make sure you take care of it. Forever Precious allows you to insure any item of jewellery against being lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

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Planning the Perfect Proposal


Asking your partner to marry you is one of life's most exciting moments, however, understandably it can also be one of the most daunting.

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Proposal Guides

This holiday season, many people are no doubt making plans to surprise their other halves with an engagement ring. Discover our proposal guides for; Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle & Leeds.

Proposal Checklist

If you're thinking of getting down on one knee and asking your loved one to marry you, there are many different things you need to consider.

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How was it for you?

At ROX we're here to support you every step of the way, from the beginnings of a blossoming relationship to engagements and throughout a lifetime of wedded bliss.

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