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There will be a time in your life that will require a special setting, a certain amount of attention to detail and the perfect diamond engagement ring to symbolise your love. Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting experience when you’re faced with questions about cut, shape, setting style and metal, so let us help you capture your story. Download our Marry Me buying guide, the definite guide to buying the perfect diamond engagement ring.



As an award winning British luxury jeweller, we know what it takes to find a beautiful diamond. We’ve built an enviable reputation for the finest diamond engagement rings by handpicking only the most exquisite diamonds, perfecting our designs and refining our creative techniques. We’ll make sure the moment you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring with ROX is a moment you will cherish forever.

ROX - Diamonds & Thrills
ROX Love Collection


Diamonds have a way of fascinating us, captivating our attention and rendering us speechless. The mystery and exotic allure of diamonds makes buying a diamond engagement ring the most romantic, intimate and emotion-filled gift you will ever choose. Your diamond engagement ring reflects your depth of love for each other. You are beginning your own history and creating an everlasting future.



Our fanatical standards for beauty mean that only a tiny proportion of the diamonds we see actually make it into our ROX boutiques. Every diamond is unique so we carefully handpick each one for its superior cut, presence and above all, beauty. The exceptional fire, brightness and scintillation created by a diamond’s exquisite cut is enough to know you’ve found the one. The remarkable quality and beauty of our diamonds is behind everything we do. It’s reflected in our DNA and we can’t imagine it any other way.


Enchanting Diamonds
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It’s little wonder that a woman looks at her engagement ring over a million times in her lifetime so we’ll make sure that the diamond engagement ring you choose from ROX is something she can adore forever. Our diamond engagement rings are beautifully crafted to suit the size, shape and cut of each individual diamond to ensure there is no compromise on its beauty. Each diamond is held by fine talon claws that blend into the facets of the diamond, tapering down allowing the band to sit flush against the finger. Hand set and hand polished by the finest craftsmen, we ensure that every one of our diamond engagement rings exceeds the ROX standard.


Pride in our creations


If you don’t see a ring you love in our boutiques, we can create your perfect diamond engagement ring with our bespoke design service. Our in-house designers ensure every bespoke diamond engagement ring is timeless and will grow to become an heirloom of the future. With over 20 years experience, our team has the expertise in design to help you walk away with an exquisite diamond engagement ring you will cherish for a lifetime. Our bespoke diamond engagement rings are delicately handcrafted to ensure every aspect of the design becomes a reality. The end result is a unique piece of jewellery that explains exactly how you feel and captures a special moment that can be treasured forever.


Bespoke Design


The five basic rules that determine a diamond’s value are known as the 5Cs. Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Certification are universal throughout the diamond world and we take them very seriously. But what do these words actually mean? How can they help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring? We’re here to answer all your questions and help you find a diamond engagement ring she’ll love forever.


Understanding The 5Cs
ROX Vintage Collection


The diamond is not the only aspect of your diamond engagement ring to take into account. Your choice of metal plays its part in creating an awe-inspiring piece of jewellery. Our diamond engagement rings are crafted in either platinum or 18ct gold to ensure the ring of your dreams will last a lifetime. We select the very best gold and platinum as our precious metals due to their natural beauty and their incredible ability to present the perfect platform for any diamond.

Magnificent Metals


You’ve chosen the diamond engagement ring, now it’s time to find the perfect wedding bands to finalise your love for one another. The wearing of wedding bands dates back as far as 3000 years in Egypt. The circle shape of wedding bands is viewed as a symbol of eternity that signifies the never-ending love between two people. We have a beautiful selection of wedding bands for men and women that will compliment your diamond engagement ring perfectly. You can also have your wedding bands custom made to fit your diamond engagement ring to make your love story truly one of a kind.


Soul Mates

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