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ROX is a fully authorised dealer of all the brands listed on our website including Zenith, Chopard, Hublot plus many more. Buying a watch from ROX not only makes the buying experience so much more enjoyable, our ROX SOLID guarantees give you total peace of mind. You should never buy a watch from an unauthorised dealer as this carries a huge amount of risk to you and your wallet.


Why buy a watch from ROX




Stock Availability

Unauthorised dealers do not carry stock so there is absolutely no guarantee that the watch you have in mind will ever make it onto your wrist. You could be charged for a watch that you will never receive as the unauthorised dealer cannot guarantee a way of sourcing your watch.

An unauthorised dealer is in the market to get your enquiry and to spike your interest. And when they’ve got you hooked, they start offering you watches that you have no interest in and they’re difficult to shake off.


ROX SOLID - we hold stock of every watch featured on our website and we’ll ship it to you within 48 hours. We offer free next day delivery so you will never have to wait for your watch. Or you can use our Click & collect from any of our boutiques. If it’s on our website, the watch is yours. Simple.


Why buy a watch from ROX




Product Knowledge

Most unauthorised dealers don’t know squat about watches. They are manned by call centres by people who know absolutely nothing about watches and are likely to be reading from a website in order to sound ‘in the know.’ They are not, and will never be watch experts.


ROX SOLID - Our fully trained team have unrivalled knowledge and attend watch training academies in Switzerland to ensure they stay up to date on every watch brand we sell. Our watch experts will show you how to use your new watch. We’ll set the time and date, adjust the bracelet on site, and we’ll explain the servicing arrangements offered by your watch manufacturer. We’re here to help you get the most out of your new watch.





Returns Policy

An unauthorised dealer will specially order the watch for you on the grey market so you won’t qualify for a refund from them if you change your mind. This is a really sneaky way of working their way round the system which will be hidden in the tiniest of small print, somewhere, somehow and no matter how hard you push, you will never get your money back.


ROX SOLID - we offer a 14-day no quibble money back guarantee for online purchases, so if you decide the watch isn’t for you, you can return it to us. You can even spread the cost over several months or years via Interest Free Credit and the watch will yours. No hidden fees, no scary paperwork. Our Interest Free Credit options are there to help you, not to hinder you.


Why buy a watch from ROX




Fake or Stolen Goods

Some unauthorised dealers are buying second hand watches and selling them off as new. You won’t get a brand new, untouched, box-fresh watch from an unauthorised dealer and there is no guarantee the watch you have your eyes on is even real.

Buyer beware! You might buy a fake watch from an unauthorised dealer, or the watch could be real but stolen.

Did you know that all watch manufacturers keep a record of the case back numbers for every stolen watch in the world? When your watch is serviced, the watchmaker checks the case back against the list of stolen watches.

If the watch turns out to stolen, the watchmaker will confiscate the watch and return it to its legal owner. They will report you to the Police and you could be prosecuted for handling stolen property. Not worth it.

If you send a watch to a watchmaker for a service and the watch turns out to be fake, the watchmaker will confiscate and destroy your watch, occasionally in the most dramatic way possible to make an example out of you. Now that’s embarrassing.

The moral of the story here is, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If you find a luxury watch for a price much lower than the selling price, there’s a high chance the watch is either fake or stolen. Wouldn’t you want a real one instead?


ROX SOLID - every watch we sell is 100% genuine and we have all the documentation you need for ultimate piece of mind. We don’t sell pre-owned watches so there is no doubt that the watch you buy from ROX is brand new.


Why buy a watch from ROX




Hidden Costs

A watch purchased from an unauthorised dealer overseas will need to be imported into the UK and will be laden with VAT and duty implications. These costs are usually hidden so that the unauthorised dealer makes you the one liable to pay for VAT and duty when the watch when it lands in the UK. These costs tend to be significant and they can escalate dramatically putting you even worse out of pocket.


ROX SOLID - we guarantee no hidden fees and no alternatives.


Why buy a watch from ROX




Manufacturer's Warranty

Only authorised dealers can activate your warranty. Unauthorised dealers have no way of doing this so your watch won’t be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This means that any repairs needed to your watch will have to be paid by you and costs can escalate quickly if you’re not covered. If, in the future, you decide to trade-in your watch for a newer model, you’ll need to provide the papers and proof of purchase. A watch purchased from an unauthorised dealer without its papers damages your watch’s resale value meaning you suffer financially, again, in the long run. Many luxury watch brands now offer a free extended warranty if the warranty is activated online – this can only be activated by an authorised dealer.


ROX SOLID - every watch purchased from ROX is accompanied by the manufacturer’s official warranty. This warranty is your watches lifeline. You don’t want a watch without this.




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