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Think of TUDOR watches, and their sleek and robust designs more than likely spring to mind. Since it was founded in February 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the brand has been celebrated for creating some of the world’s most sought-after timepieces. From the TUDOR Oyster and Oyster Prince to the TUDOR Black Bay – the brand has left an undeniable print in the world of haute horlorgerie.

The concept behind the new brand was simple; to create watches which complemented those of sister brand Rolex but with a lower price tag. It all began with the TUDOR Oyster and Oyster Prince, early TUDOR models which blended the charm of Rolex with an affordable market price – introducing TUDOR watches to a wide range of UK customers.

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Tudor New Season Watches

Discover the latest new season watches and collections from Tudor. Pre-order your watch now before anyone else. 0% finance available with free delivery.





Explore our TUDOR Watch Collections

Every TUDOR watch is a unique creation, crafted with passion and expertise to produce a powerful statement, as well as a precise tool. Whether you are looking for an elegant ladies’ watch that exudes timeless beauty, or a dynamic and reliable diver’s watch, TUDOR delivers quality in every single piece.

Explore our exciting range of iconic TUDOR watches for sale in the UK, featuring an effortlessly stylish men’s watch collection and glamorous timepieces for women. TUDOR are an ideal choice for anyone looking for a gift to mark a special occasion, with a TUDOR watch sure to be worn with pride on the wrist of any loved one. Equally, you could treat yourself to one of our TUDOR watches today.

Tudor Black Bay Watches

TUDOR Black Bay Watches

Sixty years of TUDOR diving history distilled into one truly iconic watch. 

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Tudor Pelagos Image

TUDOR Pelagos Watches

Pelagos timepieces have truly mastered the art of being a tool watch - armed and ready for adventure

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TUDOR Ranger Watches

TUDOR Ranger Watches

Launched in 2022 to mark the 70th anniversary of the British North Greenland Expedition, the TUDOR Ranger celebrates the spirit of this daring adventure.

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TUDOR Royal Watches

TUDOR Royal Watches

With its integrated bracelet, notched bezel and automatic movement, the new TUDOR Royal range is the epitome of versatile sport-chic.

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TUDOR Clair de Rose Watches

TUDOR Clair de Rose Watches

TUDOR revisits the feminine Clair de Rose line in a refined and timeless manner. Delicate details with soft curves.

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TUDOR 1926 Watches

TUDOR 1926 Watches

The TUDOR 1926 evokes the spirit of early fine watchmaking. Classic, clean and refined.

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TUDOR Black Bay Chrono Watches

Relaunched to mark 50 years of the chronograph with contrasting sub-counters in the purest tradition of the sports watch.

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TUDOR Watches & Wonders 2023

The time is now! Take a peek behind TUDOR's manufacture doors in Switzerland, where daring TUDOR innovations come to life. This is the place where they combine craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and expert watchmakers


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As the authorised retailer of TUDOR watches, as well as some other of the world’s most respected and sought-after brands, we know exactly what makes a luxury Swiss watch tick.



ROX Magazine

For almost 100 years, TUDOR has been the name behind some of the world’s most sought-after luxury watches. Explore our Magazine to get a bit of background on some of the more popular and exciting TUDOR watches, including the cloak and dagger origin story of the TUDOR Black Bay P01 watch.

diver wearing tudor watch

Super Mariner

How Tudor’s Pelagos sets Rolex’s plucky stablemate apart as every man’s watch to dive for.

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tudor ranger watch

Ranger, Rover

Discover the history behind the Tudor Ranger.

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2023 Magazine



TUDOR Watches – A Short History

Such was TUDOR’s reputation for crafting fine Swiss luxury watches throughout the 20th century France’s Marine Nationale issued TUDOR watches – specifically the 7922 model TUDOR Submariner – to its members, earning the brand its stripes in military history.

Over the decades brand had continued to grow from strength to strength whilst never losing sense of its stylish sense of practicality along the way. Celebrated for its iconic designs, TUDOR has long been a brand to do things a little differently. From its unique integrated cases to colourful dial chronographs, the brand has never been afraid to put its own spin on the world of Swiss watches. However, one thing the brand never ignored was that all of its watches were to be worn with a purpose and never was that more evident than with its range of diver watches.

TUDOR’s impeccable reputation as a maker of high-quality divers’ watches began in the 1950s and 1960s and it continues to this day. From the TUDOR Black Bay to the TUDOR Pelegos the brand’s divers watches continue to play an integral part of its identity. Find out even more about TUDOR watches with our TUDOR Buying Guide.

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