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woman wearing ROX Cosmic diamond jewellery woman wearing ROX Cosmic diamond jewellery


ROX is excited to take you on a journey beyond the stars with our latest collection, the Cosmic Collection. This awe-inspiring collection marries the majesty of the cosmos with the timeless elegance of diamonds, creating an array of celestial adornments that are entirely unique and exclusive to ROX.

Our Cosmic Collection draws its inspiration from the spiralling galaxies that make up over two thirds of our known universe. We've translated the celestial magic of cosmic swirls into intricate designs of white gold and diamonds, spiralling down to a delicate tapered point around a diamond centrepiece. This is the jeweller's interpretation of the cosmic pinwheel, a distinctive spiral shape that holds the secrets of our universe.

Just as the cosmic rays traverse the infinite expanse of the cosmos at the speed of light, our Cosmic Rays pieces explode with delicate rays of white gold and diamonds, bringing to life the high energy of these cosmic phenomena. This bold yet refined design speaks to the contemporary, on-trend, and super cool woman who dares to be different.

Every piece in the collection, which includes collars, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, has been designed in-house at ROX, ensuring absolute uniqueness.

At ROX, we understand the joy of building a collection over time, and we have designed our Cosmic Collection with this in mind. Each piece is an exquisite stand-alone work of art, yet when combined, they come together to form an ensemble of unparalleled beauty.

We have chosen 18ct white gold as the foundation for these pieces, handcrafting each to ensure a superior quality look and feel. The collection not only meets but exceeds the ROX standard. The delicate, smooth thread and grain setting offers a sharp, luxury high-end look. The rub-over setting ensures the diamond is securely held in place, letting the stone's brilliance take centre stage.

Our Cosmic Swirls and Cosmic Rays designs are adorned with diamonds, offering extra sparkle and bringing the magic of the cosmos to life. The stones are set into metal and held with a pitched-up 'grain' of metal that forms a beautiful bead. This fine 'thread' of metal sits either side of the stones, framing them and creating a luxurious high-end look that is sure to turn heads.

We invite you to explore the Cosmic Collection and experience its celestial charm. Let ROX take you on a journey through the cosmos, where high-quality craftsmanship and visionary design meet to create a truly out-of-this-world collection.

Step into the universe of luxury, only at ROX. Your cosmic journey awaits.

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