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When you shop in the UK, you pay a sales tax (VAT) on most goods. If you are resident outside the EU, you are entitled to reclaim the VAT on most items purchased and taken home.

In the UK the current VAT rate is 20% which equates to 16.67% of the sales price.

We charge an administration fee to the traveller for organising the Tax Refund which is 2.67% of the selling price and capped at £250. A handling fee may apply to cash refunds. Refunds are given subject to meeting HMR&C regulations and Tax Free terms and conditions.



Three Golden Rules

Rule 1 - You must be resident outside of the EU to qualify for a Tax Free Refund.
Rule 2 - You must complete the Tax Free form at the point of sale and get your sales consultant to sign it.
Rule 3 - You must leave the EU within 3 months after the month of purchase.

Tax Free


How to Claim Your Refund

1. Shop in the store and ask for your Tax Free form.
2. Complete your personal details and we'll sign your Tax Free form.
3. At your final point of exit from the UK, get your Tax Free form stamped by Customs. Claim your cash refund at the airport or post your stamped form in the Customs box for a credit card refund.
4. If there is no Customs desk simply post your Tax Free form in the Airport VAT Reclaim box for a credit card refund.

Tax Free