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Lab Grown

woman wearing lab grown diamond engagement ring woman wearing lab grown diamond engagement ring


Discover our stylish collection of lab grown diamond jewellery. Visually, chemically and physically identical to a natural diamond, the lab grown diamonds used in our jewellery offer even better value than natural diamonds as they are man-made.

The innovative beauty of lab grown jewellery

A lab grown diamond is created in a laboratory process that emulates the natural process of a diamond’s growth. This revolutionary process sees a diamond seed undergo extreme conditions, with very high pressure and temperatures able to create a rough diamond in just a few months.

Once they are grown, the lab grown diamonds are cut, polished and set just like natural diamonds. Every lab grown diamond is certified and inscribed by the IGI in Antwerp.

Get even more with lab grown jewellery

At ROX, we are huge supporters of the beauty of natural diamond jewellery. But as the quality and choice offered by lab diamonds have elevated in recent times, they are now a sought-after option for many.

The additional value of man-made diamond jewellery allows you to select a larger, or more unique lab grown jewellery piece, while remaining within your original budget. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many diamond jewellery devotees.

Find you ideal lab grown diamond jewellery with ROX

We offer an increasingly diverse collection of lab grown diamond jewellery, each available on 0% finance and with free UK delivery. Contact us today to discuss our options, or take a look at our range of lab grown diamond engagement rings if you want further lab-grown choices.

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