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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design and make your own jewellery creation? Something you made will always mean more than something you bought. That’s why we offer a bespoke service to capture your story and invite you into the very heart of the design and making process.

We can capture your idea and transform it into a unique piece of fine jewellery that tells your own unique story. Our team of designers and craftsmen collaborate with you to create an exclusive, one-of-a-kind piece. We ensure a seamless experience, guiding you every step of the way.

Whether you’re customising an existing design or exploring our bespoke service, fine jewellery is likely one of the most personal purchases you will ever make. That’s why we offer an experience to match. When you visit our showroom you can meet the people who design and make your piece and follow every step of its journey. We’re creating better jewellery in a better way, using only ethically sourced diamonds and producing everything in our workshops.

Impeccable craftsmanship is in our DNA and our master craftsmen create truly timeless masterpieces. They take extra care in everything they create, ensuring every minute detail is nothing less than perfect. From the polish to the quality, weight and standard of finish – every piece is treated with the care and respect it deserves.

Everything you see on or in our showrooms is the start of a conversation. We actively encourage customisation whether it’s a personalised engraving or a bespoke design. You can make every piece your own – it’s the starting point for everything we do.

You deserve a jewel as unique as you are. Start your bespoke journey with us today and let us create a masterpiece that will be treasured for generations to come.

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Whether you’ve been searching for a bespoke creation to stand out from the crowd or have a specific idea of what you’d like make, we can support your creativity to craft jewellery as unique as your love. We’ll actively play a part in your unforgettable journey by holding your hand through the bespoke process.

Step 1


We’ll spend time getting to know you personally by sitting down with you in our Thrill Room over a glass of champagne.  We’ll discuss your likes, dislikes and get to know your style.  As with all great designs it starts with an idea.  Whether it’s commemorating a special moment in your relationship or an ode to something unique between you and your partner bespoke design offers the chance to merge elements from different inspiration, styles and eras.  Enjoy peace of mind that you’ll play an integral role in the process – from concept to completion.

Step 2


Following an initial consultation with our design specialists, the real fun begins. Our jewellery designers put pen to paper to articulate exactly what you’re looking for in the form of a series of hand drawn sketches.  We’ll sit down and present options to you for discussion.  There can be a bit of back-and-forth during this stage to perfect your design.

Step 3


Once we know the design you’d like, we then begin the process of bringing the piece to life by creating a 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) to give an impression of the look and feel of your design. This is an important step as it offers the opportunity to tweak and fine tune the design before we start working on the final piece.  We’ll finish off this stage by creating a wax model of the design so you can see the scale of your creation.

Step 4

Gemstone Selection

Once you are happy with the design and the wax model, our in-house gemmologists will take the time to source the perfect gemstones for your design.  Each one handpicked for their exceptional sparkle, brilliance and beauty.  We’ll meet with you again to present our selections to you for approval to make sure you are happy.

Step 5


Once the final design and gemstones are signed off, our craftsmen will create your design in our workshop.   Beautifully handcrafted jewellery is the jewel in the crown of our specialities at ROX. It takes more than 30 hours to hand finish own diamond engagement rings alone, ensuring each is crafted to meet your specifications.







Express your own style with a unique, custom ring from ROX. We hold a vast range of handcrafted diamond engagement rings in stock, but we understand that sometimes it takes a truly personal design to take your breath away. Choose your perfect diamond and create your own ring from thousands of combinations.

Step 1

Chose your diamond

Step 2

Chose your setting

Step 3

Complete your ring

Create your own ring




Behind each piece of jewellery, there is an untold secret of beautiful artistry and creative vision. From the captivating charm of a luxury piece of jewellery, to the way a diamond sparkles as it catches the light. Each moment is meticulously and expertly crafted by jewellery makers. We invite you behind the scenes into the step-by-step process of jewellery design, to meet the makers behind our beautiful award-winning jewellery. It’s natural to see jewellery in its glistening finished form, but to appreciate jewellery in all its glory, a light must shine on the creators.