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Diamond jewellery has fascinated, thrilled and awed the world for centuries. No other item can rival diamond diamond jewellery’s history, mystery and exotic allure. It’s the most romantic, intimate, emotion-filled gift you can buy. Diamond jewellery is the ultimate symbol of love.

What makes diamond jewellery so special? Consider some of its rival love tokens. Diamond jewellery speaks louder than words - and it lasts more than just a lifetime. That’s why you see so many diamond jewellery heirlooms that get handed down from generation to generation. Certainly, diamond jewellery’s romantic past makes it a natural gift for lovers to bestow on one another. Austria’s Archduke Maximilian presented the first diamond engagement ring on record to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477. The ring was placed on the third finger of her left hand, based on an ancient Egyptian belief that this finger contained a “love vein” that ran directly to the heart. And we’ve been celebrating our eternal love and commitment to one another in much the same way ever since.

Signs of diamond jewellery’s close association with love are evident everywhere today - what other gift can match the romance, emotion and devotion inspired by this item? Diamond jewellery has been ascribed with many mystical properties over the ages: everything from ensuring health, wealth, power and luck to its wearers. It’s also an important marker that we use as a gift to celebrate many of life’s milestones. So next time you really want to show your love, forget cards, flowers or chocolates. Instead, get the one gift that’s sure to unlock the key to her heart: fine diamond jewellery.