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 ROX Crisscut


ROX is the only British jeweller to offer Crisscut® diamonds. Renowned for both its rarity and incomparable sparkle, the Crisscut® 85 facet configuration is simply the most brilliant way to cut a diamond, revealing its natural beauty.

The Crisscut® long facets enhance the diamonds length, the shorter facets give a feeling of depth. Together, they bounce light off one another and give the Crisscut® diamond its patented electricity.

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Crisscut® Engagement Rings

There is no escaping the allure of a diamond ring. Its ability to captivate and charm is like nothing else, leaving you with a twinkle in your eye as well on your finger. For a truly mesmerising and unique piece, look no further than the ROX Crisscut® collection.

ROX – Diamonds & Thrills is the only British jeweller to offer the magnificent cut which proudly turns tradition on its head. Cut using advanced technology, Crisscut® diamonds boast 85 facets which optimise reflection of light, intensifying brilliance. The combination of long and short crisscross facets along the stone create a feeling of length and depth which highlight the diamond’s natural beauty.

Packed with fiery elegance this exclusive design is a celebration of individuality. It has taken years of experience and painstaking skill to create this unique diamond cut to ensure superb reflective quality and sparkling brilliance.