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A diamond’s story begins deep in the earth - 100-200 miles below the surface. These stones were formed up to 3.3 billion years ago as a result of unimaginable heat and pressure placed on carbon crystals. Powerful volcanic activity forced the diamonds up to the surface.


Journey of your diamond


Diamond Mine

Once diamonds are found, they can be very difficult to mine. It is estimated that it takes more than 250 tons of ore to produce just one carat of rough diamond. Diamonds are found in numerous exotic locations around the globe, Australia, Africa, Canada and Russia account for some 80% of the world’s diamond supply.

Once the diamonds have been mined and processed, they are sorted, classified and valued according to their size, shape, quality and colour.

The next step for the rough diamond is cutting and polishing. This is a great skill, with meticulous techniques that have been practiced for generations. Although some of the polishing process is computerised, most of the work is still performed by hand.


Journey of your diamond


Diamond Cutter

We regularly visit the diamond cutter to handpick our diamonds. By cutting out the diamond wholesalers in the UK, our direct relationship with the diamond cutters ensures the best value combination of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Once picked, the majority of our diamonds are sent to a Gemological Laboratory for grading. The IGI, GIA, HRD and EGL are the most widely regarded and recognised diamond grading labs in the world.

Once graded, we use only the finest craftsmen to hand set the polished diamonds into finished pieces of diamond jewellery.