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Since it was established in 2002 Bremont has proudly played a pivotal role in putting British watchmaking on the map from its headquarters at Henley on Thames. It was in 2002 that brothers Nick and Giles English were inspired to embark on a remarkable journey to create impeccably crafted mechanical watches. Armed with a passion for flying vintage aircraft and a love of engineering, the award-winning brand has long been a labour of love for the determined duo who have played an integral part in helping the brand to soar to new heights over the years. Signature pieces such as the Bremont Solo and Bremont Supermarine have seen Bremont become one of the most celebrated watch brands on the market.


Bremont Collections

Bremont watches are esteemed for their master craftsmanship and superior finish and make the perfect choice for the fashion-conscious gentleman. In fact, when it comes to a question like how accurate are Bremont watches, the company not only state that they’re 99.998% accurate, but are also quick to say that they are working hard on the final 0.002% accuracy! .

We offer an impressive range of Bremont watches for sale on our site. Why not take the time to explore the full Bremont collection to find the perfect Bremont watch for you or a loved one?

Bremont Airco Watches

Named after the one of the first British military aircraft manufacturers, the Bremont Airco is a horological icon.


Bremont ALT1 Watches

Alt1 watches are true champions of Bremont’s passion for impeccable craftsmanship. Embracing technical innovation whilst honouring time-honoured watchmaking skills


Bremont Armed Forces Watches

Known to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to design and manufacture, it’s little wonder that Bremont has mastered the art of military timepieces.


Bremont Jaguar Watches

The new collection of Bremont Jaguar watches is dedicated to the road-going, lightweight Jaguar E-Type.


Bremont Jet Watches

Bremont Jet Watches


Bremont Martin-Baker Watches

The Bremont Martin Baker range, designed in collaboration with Martin-Baker in 2007, honours the technical mastery of the ejector seat technology.


Bremont Supermarine Watches

Inspired by the adrenaline of adventure, Bremont Supermarine watches pay homage to the brand’s forward-thinking values.


Bremont U-2 Watches

Bremont U2 watches were designed exclusively for and tested by the elite Spy Plane Squadron based at Beale, California.







Bremont New Season Watches

Since 2002 Bremont has been a proud champion of British watchmaking, creating beautifully crafted timepieces each with their own tale to tell. Founded by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont has proudly designing watches inspired by their love of aviation and engineering. Here we shine a light on the latest models from the brand.





Build your own Bremont MBII

Build your own version of the iconic Bremont MBII. Choose a case finish, dial and barrel colour, case back, strap, and buckle to make a truly bespoke Bremont watch. With over 1000 combinations, you can design the watch exactly as you want it.

Bremont MBII watches are hand assembled in Henley-upon-Thames, and it will be a mere matter of a couple of weeks before you can adorn your wrist with a personalised Bremont MBII design. What could be better than getting the signature Bremont quality with a style chosen specifically for you?


Buying Guides

As the authorised retailer of some of the world’s most respected and sought after brands, we know exactly what makes a luxury and Swiss watch tick. We offer a range of Bremont watches for sale, so why not read our Bremont Guide to learn more about Bremont watches?

You’ll get to know more about why Bremont watches have stood the test of time and what makes them the ideal option for the modern luxury watch connoisseur.



ROX Magazine

Time began for Bremont in 2002 when brothers Nick and Giles English combined their passion for flying historic aircraft, watches and engineering. Armed with an appreciation of the innovation and mastery behind a mechanical wristwatch the duo began crafting impeccable pilot’s watches. Find out more about Bremont watches in some of the pieces from our magazine.


Britain’s biggest watchmaker reaches higher altitude still, cutting the ribbon on ‘The Wing’ and fuelling hope for our once-world-renowned industry.

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The partnership between Bremont and Martin-Baker, celebrates the very best of pioneering British engineering and design.

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Bremont Watches

An appreciation of innovation and the mastery of the humble wristwatch has been a driving force behind Bremont since its foundation, however, there was an incredibly personal reason pushing Nick and Giles into the world of Haute Horlogerie.

Life changed for the brothers forever one day in March 1995 when tragedy struck the English family. Nick and father Euan, a former RAF pilot, were preparing for an air display in their 1942 WWII Howard aircraft when a tragic accident saw the plane plummet to the ground. It was as he was waiting to take off that Giles learned his father had been killed and that his brother had more than 30 broken bones and that chances of survival were slim.

Six months later and Nick defied the odds and was back in the air with Giles, however, both knew life would never been the same again. And so they decided to combine their passion for aviation and engineering to create remarkable luxury watches in the UK. When it came to choosing the name of their now iconic watch brand, they took inspiration from the name of a French farmer, Antoine Bremont, who showed them hospitality when they had to make an emergency landing in France in the late 1990’s.

When it came to choosing the name of their now iconic watch brand, they took inspiration from the name of a French farmer, Antoine Bremont, who showed them hospitality when they had to make an emergency landing in France in the late 1990’s. Bremont watches are designed, manufactured and assembled in Britain with a firm focus on in-house watchmaking knowledge at the brand’s headquarters in the heart of the Chiltern Valley. Built on precise timekeeping, every mechanical movement used in Bremont watches is finished to the highest possible standard. The influence of aviation and military is also undeniable with each Bremont watch designed to withstand the rigors of high altitude or the deepest depths. Such is the brand’s reputation for creating precise and robust watches that many military personnel around the world don a Bremont watches on their wrist.

From the Alt1-C Classic, Alt1-P Pilot and Alt1-Z Zulu to the Airco, Jaguar and Solo ranges – there is a Bremont watch to suit every style. Bremont is also renowned for honouring historical aviation milestones with limited edition watches, including the Bremont 1918 to mark the centenary year of the RAF.

For more about Bremont watches visit our Argyll Arcade boutique or make an appointment with our watch consultants. Discover more about the British watchmaking brand with our Bremont buying guide.

Watch Buying Guide



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