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We've all heard the maxim 'time is money' but, when it comes to splashing the cash and selecting a luxury watch to invest in, it makes sense to take that little bit longer to deliberate. For those that aren’t in the enviable position of acquiring a seemingly endless collection of luxury timepieces, building a watch wardrobe requires careful thought about selecting complementary styles and making solid investments.

That isn’t to say that purchasing a luxury watch should be a cold, analytical practice. In the words of Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe: “if the watches that we wear on our wrists do not transmit emotions, the purchase will not take place.”

Listening to both your heart and your head when buying a luxury watch is the way forward for most, which is why we’ve created our useful investment guide - helping you to build an impressive collection that retains its value.




Step into the world of haute horlogerie and explore how watches became synonymous with status and luxury. In our interactive guide to the art of luxury watchmaking you’ll find a whole wealth of information, including the watches that changed history and the most expensive watches in the world. Plus, we offer a rundown of the brands favoured by certain celebrities.