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You’ve found your soul mate and that all-important ring, but what size do you opt for? Unfortunately there is no one size fits all approach, after all each ring is as unique as the individual wearing it, but there are a few simple ways to get the best possible fit.

The Perfect Fit


ROX has a range of finger sizes in stock, with M being the most popular woman’s ring size and U being the most popular men's ring size. With this in mind, even if your choice doesn’t fit your partner's ring finger, it will more than likely fit another at that truly special moment.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic if you pick the wrong size. Our classic solitaire styles can be adjusted to be made larger or smaller so there’s no need to worry. We offer the first sizing free of charge. Fancier style rings with diamond shoulders or halos may be unsuitable for resizing, but don't fret – we will exchange it for a ring in the perfect size.

If the ring you’ve chosen doesn’t fit, we recommend that you book an appointment to visit your nearest our ROX boutique to have your finger size professionally measured. We’ll roll out the red carpet for you and put the champagne on ice to celebrate your visit. If you want to be sure before ordering, we can send you a complimentary Finger Sizer or you can download and print our Online Ring Size Chart or Online Finger Sizer.





Free Finger Sizer

We can send you a complimentary Finger Sizer to measure your finger. Simply complete the form below and we’ll post the sizer to you free of charge.


The Perfect Fit





Online Ring Size Chart

If you already have a ring in your required size, you can download our Online Ring Size Chart. Simply print the chart and place your own ring over the circles shown on the page to find the finger size. For best results, your ring should have a similar band and style as the ring you wish to order.

Download Ring Sizer


The Perfect Fit





Online Finger Sizer

If you don’t have a ring in your size, use our Online Finger Sizer. Simply cut it out to measure around your finger.

Download Finger Sizer


The Perfect Fit