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A proud champion of The Art of Fusion Hublot is renowned for creating timepieces that continue to push boundaries. Combining tradition and innovation is at Hublot’s core and its strength lies in its strong identity.

Not afraid to master the rules then break them Hublot’s pioneering spirit has earned the brand its place in the horological history books. From the iconic Big Bang collection to the sleek Classic Fusion collection and Hublot’s first ever connected watch the Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia, the has mastered the art of both time and style.

ROX is honoured to be the exclusive authorised Hublot stockist in Scotland and are thrilled to join forces with a forward thinking brand proud to stand out from the crowd.


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Founded in 1980 by Carlo Crocco, Hublot has always been a brand proud to stand out from the crowd and challenge the status quo.

Hublot’s mission was simple – to push the limits of mastering time. However, despite being one of Switzerland’s youngest brands, it had found itself stuck in a bit of a rut. Needing to inject new life, the brand brought in legendary industry maven Jean-Claude Biver to kickstart the revolution.

Instead of opting to engineer a false or borrowed heritage, Biver decided to embrace the collision of traditional watchmaking with the future. This centred on the premise of “fusing” high-tech materials with mechanical timepieces, distinguishing Hublot as the ultimate contemporary watchmaker.


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Innovation is at the heart of Hublot’s pioneering spirit, with a firm focus on being a champion of the ‘Art of Fusion’.

Speaking of Hublot’s forward-thinking attitude, CEO Ricardo Guadalupe says:

“We want all our teams to be creative, to push the boundaries in order for our brand to be first, unique, different.”

It may be the relatively new kid on the block but, free from trading on its heritage like several other luxury watch brands, Hublot has been able to march to the beat of its own drum, taking bold strides to elevate design and manufacture to heights never seen before.

Not a brand content with standing still Hublot is renowned for continually pushing the boundaries of watch design. Such is its commitment to forward thinking design concepts, the brand surprised fans and watch aficionados alike at Baselworld 2018 as it unveiled its first ever connected watch. The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will ensure football fans across the world don’t miss a moment of the action throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. From goal line technology to keeping the wearer updated with the latest scores, substitutions and much more it’s a timepiece that beats to the pace of the beautiful game.

It is this grit, determination and foresight that has earned the brand a reputation of being a true watchmaking maverick.


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Hublot is proud to bring a 21st century touch to the centuries-old craft of watchmaking using cutting edge materials and fabrication techniques. With that in mind, Hublot has long worked to champion brand new horological concepts, with their UNICO movement being the perfect example.

Ten experts across all fields of watch design joined forces to design and develop the in-house movement over the course of two years. Originally designed on paper, master craftsmen brought the pencil drawing to life as micro engineers created a blueprint of the movement.

The UNICO looks set to be a classic workhorse of the modern era. The finely engineered mechanics also look great through a skeletonised dial - a particular speciality that favours the brand’s blossoming high-complications range (varying from minute repeaters and tourbillons to the far-out ‘MP’ range originally inspired by the engine block of the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar).





Hublot really comes into its own when it comes to material selection and design. It’s no secret that the ‘Art of Fusion’ is a vital ingredient to Hublot’s success. Essential to its continual development, the mantra has secured the brand’s reputation for being at the forefront of the future of watchmaking.

So, just what exactly is the ‘Art of Fusion’? From bringing together unlikely materials to conjuring totally new composites, it is a concept that is changing the world of horology one breathtaking design at a time.

On the subject of the forward-thinking motto, Jean Claude Biver says:

“Being unique is what gives Hublot its extraordinary strength, through the incredible commitment expressed by every single person who works for the brand.”

There’s no better example of Hublot’s commitment to the fusion of remarkable materials than the Magic Gold creation. Virtually scratch proof, it’s a ceramic-infused 18-carat metal forged in-house that’s guaranteed to stay pristine despite the inevitable scrapes that come with daily wear.

When speaking on the importance of being different, Sebastien Recalcati, a Hublot Materials Science Engineer, explains: “If you want unique and different, you have to do it yourself.”

Wise words for a young brand determined not to trade on experiences of the past. The creation of new and exciting materials and combinations has certainly helped ensure Hublot’s continued success, allowing it to stand tall as a brand not afraid to think outside the box and try new things.


Hublot Buying Guide

Hublot Buying Guide




From sketch to prototype, the process of creating each Hublot timepiece is truly remarkable. Whether it’s down to a sudden spark of genius or inspiration from history, Hublot is proud to be open minded when it comes to dreaming up new designs.

It’s within the design workshop that ideas are brought to life and, as with most great ideas, it all starts with the humble pencil and paper. The team sketch out the elements of the watch before designing the movement around the new concept – always taking function and aesthetics into account. From there the team creates a raw, yet functioning, prototype of the movement and case to ensure practicalities.

Hours of painstaking precision and master craftsmanship goes into each timepiece, ensuring quality with every tick. Such is Hublot’s commitment to impeccable design that the case has become a renowned work of art on its own. Consistently evolving from the first porthole design made with a combination of gold and rubber, it symbolises the brands commitment to continually taking strides into the future.

“The case represents an evolution of the brands and defines our design philosophy and history,” reveals Ricardo Guadalupe. Meanwhile, Biver has praised the brand’s ability to continually create exciting and dynamic pieces, saying: “Hublot’s main strength is our ability to innovate. A flair for thinking outside the box.”


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When it comes to iconic watches, Hublot’s Big Bang always tops the list.

Big Bang

A poster boy for the brand, the Big Bang’s uncompromising proportions and flashy bling brought the ‘Art of Fusion’ motto to life. Its ingenious, modular jigsaw puzzle of interchangeable case parts allows an almost infinite spectrum of limited-edition permutations, fuelling Biver’s marketing genius and yielding the highest-profile partnerships imaginable, from Ferrari to Paris Saint-Germain.


Classic Fusion

The Classic Fusion collection is an example of how Hublot takes traditional watch design to the next level. From the Italia Independent timepieces, each boasting a totally unique fabric design, to the skeletonised Aerofusion timepieces, it is a diverse range with something for everyone.


Spirit of Big Bang

Meanwhile, the Spirit of the Big Bang takes a step away from the traditional porthole case shape Hublot is known for. The tonneau dial, which mimics the shape of a barrel, cuts an impressive figure on the wrist and comes in titanium, Magic Gold and sapphire incarnations. What’s more, for those keen to make even more of a statement, Hublot offers diamond encrusted and vibrantly coloured designs too.


Limited Editions

The MP collection takes watch design above and beyond in the pursuit of innovation. Hublot’s R&D team turn ideas into reality and the MP collection is a shining example of groundbreaking innovation. The MP-02 Key of Time and the MP-05-LaFerrari bring entirely new designs to Hublot’s portfolio, pushing the brand’s manufacturing capabilities.





Hublot has built up a diverse range of partnerships over the years - from sporting heroes to iconic luxury brands, it has aligned itself with those who hold the same values for dynamic design, precision and creativity.

For example, the brand has a close relationship with Ferrari, in celebration of a shared continued commitment to excellence and desire to achieve technical brilliance.

Other big names to join the respected brand include the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, footballing legend Pelé and the ‘special one’ Jose Mourinho, who all proudly don a Hublot timepiece. Speaking of his collaboration with the brand, Mr. Mourinho explains:

“First I am a family man, then a football manager but somewhere on the list of my many passions – I am a watch fanatic. I am honoured to be part of a brand that upholds such similar values to mine.”

It’s no secret that Hublot Loves Football and so when the brand was approached by FIFA to create the official timepiece to be worn by referees throughout the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it was a chance for Hublot to inspire once again. With that in mind, the brand unveiled its first ever connected timepiece the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia to ensure that the referees and football fans across the world are more connected to the renowned tournament than ever before.

A first for the brand the smart watch will link up to every decisive second of the matches being played at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. ROX will join Hublot as the 2018 tournament kicks off on June 14 and to celebrate have complied a list of 90 Amazing Minutes of previous tournaments.

Hublot also boasts close relationships with some of the world’s most exciting artists. The Big Bang Sang Bleu, designed in partnership with artist Maxime Buchi, brings the ‘Art of Fusion’ concept to life like never before. The surprising and awe-inspiring collaboration is inspired by the glass and metal sculptures created by the artist.

On his experience of working with the brand, Maxime said:

“It was exceptional, by far the most pleasant experience working with a client. The key of it was that they trusted me and let me do what I do. They put in their know-how and support to help me adjust my ideas to what was possible but never questioned them, only tried to make them work. I wish it was always like this.”




Since discovering Hublot’s Big Bang in the dark corridors of Basel in 2005 we have built a friendship with the brand surpassing that of the usual brand and supplier norm - from hosting showstopping events such as the Art of Fusion Gala Dinner at Hopetoun House, to intimate gatherings at the Braemar Highland Games every year.


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