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ROX Watch Brands


With countless styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decipher strong powerful luxury watch brands from the weak and uninspiring. At ROX, you’ll have only the best watch brands at your disposal meaning that whichever timepiece you select, you’ve chosen within the best watch brands in the world. With the latest novelties from only the top watch brands on the market, it’s only a matter of time until you choose the one.


Enter the world of Audemars Piguet. Watch aficionados who live and breath haute horology will know that an AP watch is the watch of a lifetime. For instance, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak shook the watchmaking world and has stood the test of time, never losing out to its competitors: can any old watch accomplish this? Audemars Piguet watches will open up a new world you’ll wonder why one never donned your wrist until now.

Audemars Piguet Watches
Bell & Ross Watches


Propelled by the needs and requirements of aviation, Bell & Ross watches are ready and waiting to take flight at a moment’s notice. Founded 24 years ago, the luxury watch market was ready and waiting for a brand led by a pilot’s philosophy and those most comfortable thousands of feet in the air. Bell & Ross know what it takes to make a perfectly engineered timepiece, only one question remains: are you ready for takeoff?


Bremont watches are the epitome of beautifully engineered pilots watches with an air of sophistication. Bremont is the endeavor of brothers Nick and Giles English and the brand has gone from strength to strength since launching 14 years ago. As well as specialising in aviation, thanks to a partnership with Boeing, the brothers have created spectacular models for British film, driving the open road with Jaguar and sailing the high seas with the America’s Cup.

Bremont Watches
Hublot Watches


With some of the world’s most respected and celebrated ambassadors, it’s impossible to think of Hublot as anything less than groundbreaking. To own a Hublot watch is to know that innovation and pioneering expertise have played an important role in that timepiece’s creation. Hublot watches are always one step ahead of the game whether you choose to adorn a Hublot Big Bang, a Hublot Classic Fusion or a Hublot diamond watch. Each is a masterpiece.


With a love of music and the performing arts, Raymond Weil has always paired their watches with the addictive allure of music. Raymond Weil watches encapsulate not only watchmaking excellence, but a powerful connection to the world of music meaning every timepiece in their collections has added history and personality. Some of the brand’s models including the Raymond Weil Tango, Raymond Weil Toccata and Raymond Weil Maestro, have a dedication to music at their core.

Raymond Weil Watches
Tudor Watches


A Tudor watch is not like any other timepiece. It has adventure, strength and precision laced into every single component creating something so technically beautiful; it has to be seen to be believed. Take the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze for example, with its high-performance caliber and striking, rustic appearance, you can tell this watch was created robust to take on any challenges thrown in its way. Launching this month, this will be big.