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Stylish practicality has been at the heart of every Bell & Ross watch since the brand was founded in 1992. Established by lifelong friends Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo Bell & Ross set out with one simple mission – to create functional and durable timepieces whilst never losing sight of the importance of mastering time. Drawing inspiration from the history of aviation watches, and the military specifications which play a part in creating a technical masterpiece, a team of watch designers and aeronautical control specialists joined forces to create watches that could withstand life’s most extreme moments. Read More >

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Designed with those in search of extremes in mind, whether that be the highest heights, dangerous depths or those facing violent accelerations, Bell & Ross goes in search of extremes to create truly robust Swiss watches. The combination of expertise is integral to the design and manufacture of each Bell & Ross watch. To create a truly utilitarian watch the brand brings together not only the know-how of master watchmakers and designers but also the professional users, from astronauts to bomb disposal experts, for whom this watch isn’t simply just an instrument of time – it’s a constant ally. Together they ensure that the essential is never compromised by the superfluous.

But just what exactly does that mean? Simply, function drives design. Every Bell & Ross watch is based on four basic principles: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability with each expressed through pure lines and elegant design. A celebration of the art of fine Swiss watchmaking, Bell & Ross watches are brought to life and fine-tuned at Le Chaux-de-Fonds where the art of craftsmanship comes alive.

Bell & Ross is a brand that appreciates every second counts and prides itself on creating timepieces with absolute precision in mind. That’s why such an emphasis is placed on the mechanical movement of each Bell & Ross watch. A celebration of centuries old craft, the movement of a Swiss watch is almost like a living organ – ready to help the wearer to conquer the world whether that be in the sky, on land, or the depths of the ocean. With that in mind Bell & Ross brings technical innovation to the fore. Over the years five timepieces have epitomised the history of the brand, becoming reference points for their technical sophistication. From the BR-X1 TOURBILLON The high-tech tourbillon, to the HYDROMAX 11 100 M World record for water resistance, and VINTAGE 123 HEURE SAUTANTE Jumping hour with power reserve indicator – Bell & Ross has played an integral role in shaping the future of Haute Horlorgerie.

With such commitment to mastering the art of both time and style there is little wonder why Bell & Ross is the official supplier of professional bodies including Space Lab Mission, The French Air Force and The Lafayette Escadille.

To discover more about Bell & Ross watches, visit our Argyll Arcade boutique or make an appointment with our watch consultants.