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BOMBERG was born to stray from the beaten track of traditional watchmaking. Thanks to its unconventional codes, spirit and identity, the brand has attracted a new customer base across the world: young, cool, and hungry for creativity. The timepiece proudly bears the "Swiss Made" label, the guarantee of Swiss manufacture quality and reliability. Available exclusively online.

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Bomberg BB-01 Automatic Watches

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Bomberg BB-01 Skylighter Watches

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Bomberg BB68 Watches

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Bomberg Bolt-68 Heritage Watches

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Bomberg BB-01 Automatic CBD Black

The new BB-01 Automatic Cure the BullDog Black combines BOMBERG revolutionary, free and adventurous soul with an outstanding concept and a renovated design with darker details.


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Dark Matter

Guaranteeing depth and intensity, a black timepiece will always make you stand out from the crowd. With black becoming one of the watch world’s biggest trends there is a lot to choose from, just make sure you look out for high-tech materials combined with timeless chic designs.

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When you hear the name Rick De La Croix one word comes to mind – luxury. Having worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the history of haute horologeire, he is renowned for his passion for truly mesmerising timepieces.

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Bomberg Watches

BOMBERG watches are about attitude – a can-do, hands-on, risk-taking, life-loving attitude of grabbing onto experience and excitement every day. Many of the products are exclusives, where they manufacture a limited run. You’ll find BOMBERG watches go with all the good things in life. These watches are outsiders rebelling in the world of sameness, they’re timepieces that emanate the indispensable qualities of charisma, authenticity, and passion. The vision originated with company founder Rick De La Croix who sought to create something truly new in a market known for venerable histories more than cutting-edge excitement.

A unique and captivating dimension to BOMBERG watches is the “All-in-One” design – the same watch can be worn on your wrist, carried in your pocket on a medallion and chain, or transformed into a grenade-shaped desk clock. BOMBERG watches can be a clock and our clocks can be a watch, for wrist or pocket. They are reinventing the time-telling template.

ROX is an authorised UK retailer of BOMBERG watches for both men and women. BOMBERG watches are available online.

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